Animal jam

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Clickhereif you want to see a picture of Peck in animal jam.


Clickhereto see a picture of Liza in animal jam.


Clickhereif you want to see a picture of cosmo.


Clickhereif you want to see a picture of Greely the wolf.

Greely,the relected wolf shaman,puts his creepy clevemess to use in the study of Animal majic.He is definitely on the side of good and righteousness,but he plays by his rules.He speaks in to the point sentences,even to new animals,and has certain amount of disdain for the other shaman leaders.The only higher power that Greely respects is to the sky Mother Mira.Greely ia a powerful worrior against the phantoms in animal jam;they fear him the most of all,because he is so much like them.He is the link to the darker side of the Animal jam mythology.He has theories about were the phantoms came from and he mat even know the location of a few undiscovered spirit stones.

Saturday, June 4, 2011


clickhereIf you want to see a picture of Grahams.

Grahams story:
Graham is the monkey Shaman who can always be found building, fixing, and inventing things, as well as using tools in the world. He can craft tools that other animals can use without needing hands or thumbs. He's a born tinkerer and never leaves any tool alone without trying to improve it or develop it further. Graham's personality is friendly, but he is always a little bit hyper and distracted. He mumbles to himself constantly, and often throws humorous non-sequiturs into his speech. Graham has a bizarre sense of humor and likes to play innocent pranks on new animals in Animal Jam.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


ClickHereif you want to see a picture of sir Gilbert from the game Animal jam.

The story of sir Gilbert :
Sir Gilbert,The regal tiger Shaman,Is a proud warrior.He takes his ancestors very seriously and always makes It a point to honor those that come before him when going into battle. Even though he has a Rough appearance,sir Gilbert is a very thoughtful,spiritual animal with a caring nature. His personality is serious,reverential and soft-Spoken. He has a deep,low voice that can be as soothing as it is menacing. Sa a mentor to new tigers,sir Gilbert can be a tough teacher, but he possesses Great wisdom and knows a lot About the history of Jamaa and it's ongoing Struggle With the Phantoms that inhabit The animal jam World.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Animal jam is a real fun game and I just found out. you can find out some fun facts about animals while playing the game. My animal's name is Leaping fast foot and if you find me please become my friend in animal jam.

The website is :

You should play animal jam it is so fun and I hope you will like it as much as me. There is many thing's to do like play games,play with friends,and also get a lot of Jem's to buy stuff like cloth,s,stuff for your den in animal jam.
In animal jam they also some times have parties and stuff like that.

under here there is a link to a video please watch.

The story of Animal jam :
Long ago Jamaa was created and filled with every animal imaginable. Now,hundred of years later,manny animals have been lost and lands have been forgotten it is up to us to help save Jamaa . Do you have what it takes?